Olympic Gold Medalist Says She Had Abort!on Just Before Olympic Games


By: Krystle Crossman

In 2008, Sanya Richards-Ross was in sight of an Olympic gold medal. She was just getting started with her Olympic career and her fiance, Aaron Ross of the New York Giants, was just getting started with his as well. Just before the 2008 Olympic Games, Richards-Ross found out that she was pregnant. The athletic couple was not sure what to do. Richards-Ross said that she was just at the beginning of her career and it felt like she didn’t even have a choice when it came to what she should do about the unexpected pregnancy. She was worried about her sponsors, her family, and her friends. She felt shame over being pregnant out of wedlock. She told her story and revealed that she had an abort!on in her upcoming autobiography called Chasing Grace: What the Quarter Mile Has Taught Me About God and Life.

The decision was made over the phone and Richards-Ross said they didn’t get into a lot of details about the procedure. She went through it alone as Ross was at a training camp at the time. She said the procedure was done quickly but she was emotionally distraught. She held a small amount of resentment for her fiance because she felt like she was going through all of this alone. After the procedure was done she felt immense guilt. She had trouble sleeping through the night. On the day of her first race in the Olympics, she was tired and it took a toll on her body. In a race that she thought she had locked, she came in third because of a cramp in her hamstring. Her team went on to win the 400m relay, but she was still upset over losing the individual gold.

Richards-Ross stated that she and Ross barely even acknowledged the elephant in the room and it took a toll on their relationship. Finally, after prayer and open communication, they were able to work through it. They were married in 2010 and are expecting again, and this time they are keeping the baby. When asked why she chose to write about this particular chapter in her life, she stated that she hoped that it would be able to help others who have been in this situation and that it wouldn’t have been a true story of her life if she didn’t include it.



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