Omarosa: Black Activists Are Not Making Effort To Work With Trump


By Victor Trammell

One of President Donald Trump’s longtime black aides has called out national black activist organizations for not doing enough to work with the White House to solve problems.

According to the Atlanta Black Star newspaper, Omarosa Manigault (pictured) conducted a recent interview with The Associated Press prior to attending a yearly convention last week presented by Rev. Al Sharpton’s community outreach organization.

Manigault sent a strongly directed message to the leaders of America’s black community activist organizations in her interview with The Associated Press. The 43-year-old former reality television show diva and current White House aide said that black activists are not doing a good job of making an effort towards working with the president.

“We’re here waiting, willing to work with the community. This president wants to engage. It’s not a one-way street,” Manigault said in her interview.

Later that day, Manigault made her appearance at Sharpton’s convention in front of what many would call a hostile crowd. She is frowned upon and labeled as a pariah for supporting a man who only got eight percent of the registered black vote in last November’s election.

However, Manigault maintained the facade of boldness and self-assurance that she’s been known for throughout her years as a sycophant of Donald Trump, in both the worlds of entertainment and public office. She spoke passionately at a podium inside the Manhattan Hotel’s ballroom in New York City.

“I’m ready,” Manigault told the audience of black activists as they mumbled laments. “I know what I came into and I ain’t never scared,” she continued.

However, the cocky First Lady of a church in Florida tried to reassure the convention’s attendees that she has not sold her community out and is committed to keeping her eyes of the prize.

“As I fight for you from the White House, I need you to fight on the outside,” Manigault added.

Manigault has publicly cracked under pressure in front of a black crowd earlier this year. According to a March 30th article from Ebony Magazine, Manigault stormed out of the room during an interview at this year’s annual Black Press Week breakfast.

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