Omarosa Has Reportedly Landed A Job In The Donald’s New White House


By Victor Trammell

Omarosa Manigault (pictured right) is well-known for her unbridled loyalty and strong business ties to American president-elect and commercial real estate magnate Donald Trump (pictured left).

Manigault, 42, got her start in the national spotlight as a contestant on the very first season of The Apprentice, a reality TV/game show, which established Trump, 70, as a top-rated television executive/personality. After that, Trump took Manigault under his wing and made her a key figure within the framework of his entertainment enterprise.

However, prior to becoming a household name in reality television, Manigault earned her keep in the world of politics as well. The former Celebrity Apprentice mainstay worked in the office of former American Vice President Al Gore as a scheduling correspondent.

Manigault’s ongoing professional relationship with Trump has made her a lot enemies. When her Republican benefactor blazed the trail toward his current position as the coming “leader of the free world,” Manigault became an even bigger pariah in the eyes of many, especially black Americans.

But in Manigault’s December 2016 opinion-editorial for The Hollywood Reporter, she defended her nearly 14-year relationship with Trump. “I am black, female, and Donald Trump is my friend,” Manigault wrote. She also pointed out a side of her benefactor’s personality that many people wouldn’t assume exists.

“As for our friendship, I can give you an example of the time when my brother was murdered about five years ago. I was destroyed. Donald was very concerned and one of the first people to contact me,” she also wrote.

It appears now that Manigault’s consistent affinity for The Donald has probably earned her a notable position within the coming White House administration. Here are the details, according to an article published online by earlier today:

“Omarosa first came into the public eye as a very memorable contestant on “The Apprentice.” Her [new job] is expected to be related to public engagement.” (Urban Intellectuals)

We’ll see if this news is true after what might become the most divisive presidential inauguration in America history.






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