Omarosa Says Trump Will Help “shatter the glass ceiling” for Women in Op-Ed


By Victor Trammell

Omarosa Manigault (pictured right) is a rich and famous black woman who has continued to publicly show her unwavering loyalty to the controversial and audacious Republican president-elect Donald Trump (pictured left).

The friendly pair are well-known from their days as co-hosts on the mainstream celebrity game show platform they built on national television together. Manigault and Trump are obviously two very different people with contrary backgrounds that clash in American society.

Many individuals (particularly black American women) would argue that Manigault is delusional for failing to disavow her connection to a man who is infamously known for past antics, which could darn sure be labeled as both anti-black and anti-female.

However, Manigault has continued to make a national spectacle of her fierce loyalty to The Donald. Her most recent accomplishment was getting an opinion-editorial of hers published by a highly-popular news outlet called The Hollywood Reporter.

Manigault’s brief, but well-written guest column was put together pretty good. However, it read in a voice of a female Trump sycophant without her own sense of business identity. The Grio reported Tuesday that Manigualt boldly claimed in her article that her former boss and friend is going to work wonders for women once he gets in office.

“I believe he will empower women and have them shatter the glass ceiling,” Manigault wrote.

She also pointed out details of her own life as a black woman who has made herself financially well-off by being an employee of Trump’s enterprise. Below is an excerpt of Manigualt’s column:

“As far as race, I can only talk of my own experiences as an African-American working with Donald, Ivanka, Eric, Donald Jr. and Melania on The Apprentice franchise. I’ve always felt incredibly appreciated and celebrated by the organization. You have to look at my track record with the Trumps. People show you who they are by what they do, and in my case, he’s only invested in and empowered me.” (The Hollywood Reporter)

There are black women all across America who are working for corporate enterprises like Trump’s in executive positions in many places. However, Manigualt can only speak for herself.

Unfortunately, the alter-ego of Donald Trump exists at many companies who are not as sympathetic to other black women as Trump is to Manigualt. Time will certainly prove in the future whether or not The Donald’s dear Omarosa is telling the truth.














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