One In Three Women Suffer From This Every Day and Not Enough is Being Done About It


By: Isabella Carson

Every single day in the workplace there are women being s*xually harassed by their coworkers and yet not enough is being done about it. A new survey from Cosmopolitan showed that an astounding one in three women had experienced some form of harassment at their jobs. One of the saddest parts is that 71% of these episodes of harassment went unreported. Women either don’t realize that they are being harassed or they feel that saying something about it will do no good, especially if they have a male boss.

One of the most common forms of harassment is verbal. This makes up 81% of the harassment cases. 44% is through inappropriate advances or touching. Emails or text messages make up 25%. There were 2,235 women between the ages of 18 and 34 that were surveyed by Cosmopolitan. Out of those 10% said that they had been harassed by female coworkers. Almost half of them said that male customers or clients were the ones harassing them. Over a third stated that male managers and bosses were the problem. The worst was male coworkers which came in at 75%. Some of the women had been harassed by more than one of these categories at some point in their lives. It is a very big problem in the workplace and yet it seems that nothing is ever done about it.

The profession where women suffer the most is the food service industry. Waitresses have to deal with harassment all the time, especially from male customers. Bartenders see a high number too due to the amount of alcohol that their customers are consuming. Many do not report these incidents though. Only 29% of the women that were surveyed stated that they had reported any harassment claims and only 15% of those women stated that they felt that the situation was handle appropriately. 16% of the women who said that they had not been harassed in the workplace said that someone had made s*xual remarks towards them. They do not realize that these remarks are a form of harassment, even if they don’t take them that way.


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