One Man Shares Why Men Love Giving You 0-ral


By: Krystle Crossman

Women like to say that men are selfish in bed. It has become such a known “fact” that women are surprised when a man is willing to give her a little something in bed. Writer Clint Carter would like to put this rumor to rest with nine reasons why men actually love helping you out:

1. It increases the chances of both of you having a happy ending at the same time. He likes being able to get you going before things really get heated.

2. Men have certain spots that they favor on a woman’s body. When they are taking their time and doing all of the work, they are able to explore and appreciate every curve. It makes things more intimate.

3. Men don’t mind giving [email protected] sometimes because they hope that Karma (or rather you at this point) will help them out in return. They don’t expect it, but hope that it will happen.

4. Giving a woman [email protected] s*x is a lot better than having to give someone a foot rub or a massage. Men love to be able to bring their women to climax and giving her a back massage is not really the way to do that.

5. Think about the position of a man’s head during [email protected] When he looks up, he sees b00bs. What man doesn’t like that view?

6. This is the time for a man to really focus on the spot that matters most. When it is time for interc0urse it seems like the cl!toris is a distant memory. With [email protected], that is the time to focus on this very important spot.

7. Men love the feeling of fingers running through their hair due to a bunch of nerve endings on their scalp. When is the best time for fingers through their hair? That’s right…

8. It keeps things going a little longer. Once you are done with all of the f0replay, things usually end pretty quickly.

9. It makes things more intimate with their partner.



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