One Size Does Not Fit All: Condom Company Gets $224,000 Grant To Make Different Shapes and Sizes


By: Krystle Crossman

The National Institute of Health has recently issued a grant to the cond0m company TheyFit to come up with cond0ms that will be the perfect size and fit for any man. All men come in different shapes and sizes and some choose to go without a cond0m when they are having s*x because they don’t like how it fits or how it feels when it’s on.

The grant bill comes to $224,000 for the research and studies on how to make the custom fit cond0ms. One of the problems with this grant is that since the National Institute of Health is a government-run institute the taxpayers are essentially paying for this venture.

While the bill seems steep, the protection that could be offered to men may be worth it. Having a cond0m that is the right fit could increase the number of men who are willing to use protection and decrease the numbers of unwanted pregnancies and STDs. The part that men may not necessarily like at first is the instructions on how to properly measure themselves to ensure that they pick up the right size. TheyFit is hoping that by the time they are done with their research and development they will have 95 different sizes that men can try.

So there are pros and cons to this study and the fact that we, the taxpayers, are paying for it. The pros are that the number of pregnancies will go down, there will be less people in the country with STDs that have to be treated long-term, and there will be more men that are willing to use birth control. The cons are that it costs a lot of money for the research and men may be a little less than willing to measure up to find the right size. What do you think? Is this grant worth it?


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