One Thing That Oprah and Other Highly Successful People Do Everyday


Oprah MeditatingBy: Krystle Crossman

Meditation is calming, relaxing, and reduces stress. It allows you to think freely and be creative. As you focus on your breathing and posture all other cares melt away. This could be why successful people focus on meditating every day. Here are ten influential people who praise meditation and it’s benefits.

Oprah Winfrey – CEO of Harpo Productions, Inc: Oprah sits in Transcendental meditation silence for 20 minutes twice per day. She says she walks away full of joy and excitement.

Rupert Murdoch – CEO of News Corp: Murdoch had tweeted that he was trying transcendental meditation which was developed in the 1960s. It is followed by people such as Cindy Crowley and Oprah.

Padmasree Warrior – CTO of Cisco Systems: Along with nightly meditation, Warrior also does a “digital detox” every Saturday where she unplugs from all electronics.

Tony Schwartz – Founder & CEO of The Energy Project: An avid meditator for 20 years, Schwartz says it has helped with his migraines.

Bill Ford – Executive Chairman of Ford Motor Company: Ford uses meditation to start his day off right by calming down and going through the day with kindness.

Larry Brilliant – CEO of Skoll Global Threats Fund: Brilliant spent 2 years of his 20s at a Himalayan ashram, meditating until his guru got him to join the World Health Organization.

Ray Dalio – Founder & Co-CIO of Bridgewater Associates USA: Dalio says meditation has boosted his mental clarity and opened his mind, giving him peace and health.

Russell Simmons – Co-Founder of Def Jam Records: Simmons also practices Transcendental meditation and says you don’t have to believe in it for it to work.

Robert Stiller – CEO of Green Mountain Coffee: Stiller relaxes in a dedicated meditation room at the Green Mountain HQ in Vermont. He says meditation can help you to be more productive in a meeting.

Arianna Huffington – President & Editor in Chief for Huffington Post: Early morning meditation and yoga are Huffington’s joy triggers for the day.



  1. yeah, ok next article next people will be believing all thgey have to do is inhale/exhale and they will have a new perspective on life

  2. This is all nice an everything. But let me get some advice from the Joe everyday man or Keke everyday woman. The ones that work 2-3 jobs and come home to a dirty house. The ones with the neighbor trying to steal your lawnmower. The neighborhood where some punk teenagers are trying to steal your car or break into your house, while you are working those 2-3 jobs.Or when you are driving to work, your car breaks down and your boss is stressing that you aren’t at work and this is your last warning. Let me get their advice on dealing with stress. Not some wealthy person’s advice. True they have their own stressors, whatever those things are. But their stress is not has heavy as the mom who is trying to make sure her ex isn’t trying to take the kids, rob her blind, or mess up her credit rating.

    • Automatically, with the practice of Transcendental Meditation, which is scientifically proven to develop the personality by removing surface problems, the deeper values of life naturally, without effort, come up for each person in his own terms as a result of surface stress becoming a little less. The practice is a sort of tapering experience, becoming finer and finer thoughts, to the finest thought, the state of least excitation of consciousness is transcendented.

      The following is a sample of folk of fame who practice Transcendental Meditation with a last name beginning with the letter “W”, like Oprah Winfrey already mentioned, posted on the Wikipedia website. For the complete Wikipedia listings from A to Z, the link is:

      Alice Walker, novelist, poet, Pulitzer Prize winner
      Bill Walton, professional basketball, sportscaster
      David Ware, jazz musician
      Naomi Watts, actress
      Nigel West, military historian, politician, writer
      Dee Dee Wilde, dancer
      Brian Wilson, musician
      Dennis Wilson, musician
      James Wolcott, journalist
      Stevie Wonder, singer-songwriter, producer, musician, activist
      C. V. Wood, chief developer of Disneyland
      Jim Wright, US congressman and Speaker of the House
      Syreeta Wright, singer-songwriter

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