One Woman Shares How She Gave Birth To Someone Else’s Child


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Being a surrogate for someone who cannot have a baby can be one of the most rewarding things that you could ever do for someone. You are giving them the chance to have a baby that they want and will love but cannot conceive themselves. On the other hand, being a surrogate can be very hard as well. After all, you are carrying a little human being in your body for nine months and after all of that, you don’t have a baby for yourself at the end.

One woman shares her experience of what it is truly like to be a surrogate and the emotions that you go through.

Sara Chinn is a mother of four children whom she lives with in Kansas. She loved being pregnant. Her sister-in-law was having trouble conceiving and she knew right away that she wanted to be her surrogate. Her sister ended up getting pregnant on her own but the idea was still stuck in Sara’s mind so she went and researched all that she could about being a surrogate for others. Her husband was completely supportive of her as was the rest of her family.

They went with a company called Circle Surrogacy and were paired up with two married men in Boston who really wanted to have a child. They spoke on the phone, emailed, and visited each other to get to know one another. Sara began the process which included injections every day that would help her cycle sync up to the cycle of the eggs that were being implanted. Two embryos were implanted and ten days later she was pregnant. But she was not just pregnant with one baby…she was having twins.

Sara was excited for labor and to see the happy family together. She was not worried about having to give the children over at the end of it all. She went into labor and out came two beautiful twin girls. She said that the joy that she felt for the fathers far outweighed any sadness that she may have felt when the babies left.

To this day she still gets updates and is known as “Aunt Sara”. She is unsure as to whether she will do another surrogacy but this one was so rewarding for her.


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  1. God bless her for her unselfishness! My favorite, Angela Bassett was able to be a mother to her lovely twins through surrogacy.

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