Online Dating: Why Men Go For Women Who Are Already Married Or In Relationships


online datingBy: Krystle Crossman

When it comes to online dating, men don’t seem to care much if a woman is already in a relationship. A recent experiment was conducted and posted on the site that showed the shocking number of men that were willing to help these women cheat on their partners. Jon Millward was the writer of the experiment for the company Fractl. He created 40 fake profiles and posted them on OKCupid to see how they would react to the different relationship statuses.

Half of the fake profiles were men, and half were women. They were then split up into four relationship status categories:

– Single
– Had met someone but hadn’t deleted their profile
– In a relationship and want to cheat but don’t want their spouse to know
– Married but open to the idea of something new

After one month of the profiles being online, the group that got the most messages were those who were looking to cheat. Almost all of the 998 messages that were sent from men to the fake women were interested in starting something up where 78 messages that had been sent from women to the fake male profiles were chastising them for wanting to cheat or asking about their relationship status.

This study however should not be a concrete perspective of men on online dating sites. The study was not a controlled one, the fake profiles were mixed in with actual profiles of mostly single people who probably got far more messages than those in the experiments. This study also does not prove its point strongly because typically men message far more than women on online dating sites anyway. Also, there is the question of if the guy reading the fake female profile even read it to see what her relationship status was. They could have just seen her photo and decided to message her.



  1. Many times my husband have steped out on our marriage and I have often thought about doing the same but when I think about all the deadly deseases out there I change my mind. Instead I take a trip to the toy store and keep checking behind my husband although is rare that he get it.

  2. In some cases, it’s just about the thrill of the chase even if the man has no intentions of getting with the woman past the computer screen.

    For the ones that do pursue women that are in relationships/married is because she is unavailable. There are no issues with emotional connections, money and time invested when his main goal is s*x. Easy come, easy go.

  3. Could it be that when these people cheat with someone’s pardner,it could be that they know there is a less chance of getting an STD? Maybe? I know that it iis an immoral act and no regard for the married person (s)

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