Only 7% Of Most Fast Food Burgers is Meat; The Rest Are Disgusting Ingredients


hamburgerBy Staff Blogger

You already know by now that you should not be eating fast food hamburgers, or should at least keep them to a minimum. They are overly processed, loaded with sodium, and frankly don’t taste all that great.

Another reason that you shouldn’t eat them…most only contain 7% actual meat and the rest of the ingredients will make you cringe. Americans on average consumed 5 million burgers a year and 4100 cows are slaughtered every hour to make that a possible. But if there is only 7% of that cow in the burger, what else are you eating?

With 68 cows a minute being butchered, there are bound to be mistakes somewhere. This is called a “shifting of parts” where different parts of the cow are making their way into your food. A study that was published in the Annals of Diagnostic Pathology dug a little deeper. Fortunately their study revealed that out of 8 different fast food hamburgers, none contained brains. The bad news is that they did contain many other pieces that didn’t belong there.

The water content of the burgers was found to be roughly 50%. The actual meat content ranged from 2%-14.8%. Some of the other tissues that we found in the “meat” were blood vessels, adipose tissue (fat), connective tissue, peripheral nerves, cartilage, and bone. That is not even the worst part! Some of the burgers were found to contain Sarcocystis, an intracellular parasite. This parasite enters the cow when they eat the infected feces of another cow. Yummy isn’t it?

So how are you to avoid all of this junk in your meat? You can stop eating meat all together, but if you are a carnivore at heart, try finding a local butcher with grass fed organic meat.



  1. I quit anything from a cow- milk or meat a long time ago. Allergies cleared up, no stomach problems, and feel better than ever. No swine also. Your bible says to “eat the fowl of the air, and the fish of the sea(wild caught mind u).” Hotep

  2. This article bombed when it surmised:
    “Fast food hamburger’s are overly processed and frankly don’t taste all that great”.

    It goes on to claim that over 5 million burger’s are sold each year.

    Does that support their claim that burger’s don’t taste all that great?.

    duh !

  3. that's sad. I'm not on red meat and I'm slowing down with chicken turkey and fish. more fruits and vegetables with beans are better. also go grocery shopping and make your own meals. at least you will know what you're putting in your body better than these food places.

  4. Balalah Loblolly Pine on

    It's still cow parts. I thought yall were going to talk about the chemicals, flour, soy, etc thats in them

  5. Jeffrey Brown on

    This was what, an article. Ridiculous. It told me nothing except there is…meat in meat. Truly a waste of a click. Feel free to reply.

  6. For articles such as this one, it would be good to give a full reference to the source of these findings. What was the name of the article or the study in the Annals of Diagnostic Pathology? When was it published? Is there a link to a web site for it?

    Too many blog writers do not follow basic journalistic practices. If nothing else, a story should answer the who, what, when, where, and why of what is being reported.

  7. Amazing! With all the great healthy veggie patties that are sold at my local supermarket I couldn't picture myself eating a fast food burger. I'm proud to say that I been over fast food for over 2yrs now.

  8. Grassfed beef is the way to go. Women especially need beef atleast once a week for complete protein.
    Ever seen someone who looks weak and sallow? Also, the CLA and the Omega 3’s.

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