Oprah Drops 40 Pounds and Weight Watchers Stock Soars


By: Krystle Crossman

Oprah Winfrey has had ups and downs with her weight for many years. She has revealed incredible weight loss stories but then slowly gained the weight back as time went on. She has never stopped working on her weight even though she gains it back at times. Now she is helping Weight Watchers to gain even more popularity. It was announced that she would be revealing a new ad campaign for the weight loss company showing off how she has lost an incredible 40 pounds. After the announcement came Weight Watchers stock rose by at least 15%.

Oprah has had an effect on Weight Watchers stock for some time now. Last year she bought a 10% stake in the company. This caused stocks to soar because people felt that if she believed in the company so much as to invest a lot of money in it, it must be worth their time and money as well. In January of 2016 she had claimed to have lost 26 pounds as a result of being with Weight Watchers and the stocks jumped up. Oprah is a respected woman so when people see that she is doing something with a company that works, they will follow.

Unfortunately even though stocks have gone up due to this recent announcement they are not going to be able to pull Weight Watchers from the slump they have been in this year. Their profits have been down at least 50% from last year. There are so many different weight loss options, fads, and programs out there now that Weight Watchers has seemed to have fallen to the wayside. They often have celebrity endorsements that help for a short period of time but eventually those members fall off once the hype from that celebrity has died down. Research has shown that members of the once popular weight loss program only lose an average of 5 pounds per year even after spending hundreds of dollars on products and meetings.

Winfrey made a statement saying that this was the easiest program that she has ever been on. She told the public that she is able to eat whatever she wants and is still able to lose the weight. The program is based on a numbers system where clients measure the food that they are eating and calculate the fat, calories, and other nutrients to figure out how many points a serving of the food is worth. They have an allotted number of points per day and extra per week to play with. Weight Watchers states that as long as clients stay under their point values they should lose weight.



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