Oprah Gives Powerful Answer When Asked Why She Never Got Married


Oprah-In-IndiaI believe that marriage is a good thing. Having said that I think that there are some people (few and far between) who marriage is just not a fit for.

Below, Oprah gives a powerful answer to the question of why she is not married, while visiting India. What I love about Oprah is that she encourages women to be true to themselves and “not conform to other people’s ideas about who and what” you should be.

I hope this message encourages you to be true to yourself. ~Nomalanga





    …I respect Oprah for her business acumen not necessarily for being truthful nor insightful. For someone who throws out ‘spiritual’ and thoughtful meditative info, she ain’t got a clue. To each her own, money, power and fame must evidently be a simply wonderful replacement for the really spiritual and magical emotion some of us know as true love: to wit men and women married for many years who have stood by and with each other through the vicissitudes of this life – some having children and grandchildren and per chance being blessed to see great grands. Perhaps this is why she always gave away ‘stuff’ on her shows, ‘stuff’ is very important to her according to Gail King. “AND” is always better to me, love and money or stuff and grandkids to enjoy my stuff.

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