Oprah Hints At Run For President. Would You Vote For Her?


By Victor Trammell

The November 2016 election of Donald Trump to the U.S. presidency has apparently blazed the trail for a new breed of politician.

This new breed of aspiring government leaders can enter a political campaign with absolutely no experience in elected office whatsoever. Trump himself has zero political experience. He’s a commercial real estate baron turned television game show host who became a household name for his trademark phrase “You’re fired!”

According to the U.K.’s Telegraph newspaper, another television mainstay who formerly had Trump as a guest on their talk show is hinting at considering a bid for the U.S. presidency in the future. Billionaire Oprah Winfrey (pictured) reportedly told Bloomberg correspondent David Rubenstein in a recent interview that she might have a case of presidential fever.

Rubenstein asked the principal of the OWN cable news channel if she would consider running for president in the future. Winfrey then paused after hearing the question before giving what looked like a coy and scripted answer, which drew laughter from Rubenstein’s studio audience.

“I actually never thought that that was – I never considered the question, even a possibility,” Winfrey said. However, after Trump won the election last year without a background in elected office, Winfrey hinted at having a change in her point of view.

“I [had]  thought, Oh, gee, I don’t have experience. I don’t know enough. I don’t. And now I’m thinking, ‘Oh!…Oh!'” she continued.

Though Winfrey does not have a background in politics or elected office, the 63-year old “Queen of All Media” has been a major financial and marketing contributor to presidential candidates in the past. She was very vocal and active in her support for Barack Obama’s election and re-election to the U.S. presidency.

Winfrey also endorsed Hillary Clinton in the former First Lady’s unsuccessful bid for office against Donald Trump. However, the television magnate hasn’t even held a elected position at the city or county level, let alone the national level.

Do you think Winfrey is fit to lead America? Would you cast your vote for her if she decided to run for president?

Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/politics/could-oprah-winfrey-run-president/




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