Oprah Opens Up About Working With Lindsey Lohan and Almost Having a Nervous BreakDown


OprahBy: Krystle Crossman

Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson spoke with Oprah Winfrey recently and asked her about her new show that will be premiering on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). The show stars Lindsey Lohan and it almost didn’t happen.

After Lohan had gotten out of rehab, Winfrey went to speak with her about the reality series. She told Lohan that if she did not want to do it, that was fine. Lindsey told her that it was good and they should move forward on the project. With all the chaos of Lohan coming out of rehab, the production on the show almost didn’t start.

Winfrey made sure that Lohan was serious about the project. She said that everyone, even her producer knew that if Lindsey wasn’t serious about it all, she would shut everything down right then and there.

After dishing about the new show, Robinson got personal and asked Oprah about when she was showing symptoms of having a nervous breakdown earlier in the year. Oprah said that her network wasn’t doing so well and as she was trying to get things back up and running she was to begin filming “The Butler”.

According to the media queen, it was a little overwhelming for her at the time. She said that she didn’t realize that she was coming so close to a breakdown until she sat down for an interview with Jason Russell (of Kony), who had also had one. When he was describing the symptoms, she realized that she had all of them as well. She said many times, she had to close her eyes and take a step back before she had a breakdown. After an interview she decided that it was time to slow things down, and now she is back on track.


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  1. Sherrie Chapman on

    Good for you Oprah. Recognizing the problem, then acting is the important step. We, all need to STOP and do what’s right for our health.

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