Ouch: Three Hour [email protected] Sends Woman to Hospital


Discovery Fit & HealthBy: Krystle Crossman

Some women will settle for any [email protected] during s*x, even if it only lasts for a few seconds. One Seattle woman shares her story about how her epic O sent her to the emergency room.

One night Liz and her partner Eric had a little fun. An hour later Liz was still cl!maxing. Another hour after that it still had not subsided. It was becoming painful. In the second hour Eric rushed her to the hospital where the workers thought that she was in labor at first. Finally after three hours, it finally faded and Liz was granted some relief.

This story was featured on TLC’s “S*x Sent Me to the ER”. Liz told about how she tried everything that she could to make it stop. She tried jumping up and down, she tried shaking, she even tried drinking. But nothing that she did would make it stop. Eric said that once she was in the hospital he was relieved that she was in a place where she would be taken care of but he had no idea what was going on or if she was going to be okay. He recalled that there were a lot of stares and a lot of people talking about the incident.

The new series on TLC features many different tales of woe from the bedroom. It shows stories of people getting injured (like…pen!ses bending in half and getting injured), people doing it in places that they shouldn’t and paying for it later, and people who are a little disproportionately sized to their partner and end up sending them head first into a wall leading to a concussion. It is an entertaining series to say the least and will give you some ideas on what not to do!



  1. I Don’t know quite what to say other than too much of anything is not good. However: multiple orgasms are great for the most part but hard for many women to experience. I for one know fist hand the pleasure of having multiple orgasms which in my opinion is a privilege I’m Sorry this poor woman had to experience that. Wow! I’d like to know what caused that to happen. Interesting

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