Outrageous: CEO Offers Up [email protected] Enhancement For Good Performance on the Job


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

CBS’s hit show Undercover Boss takes CEOs of companies and puts them in disguise so they can see what is really going on with the people that work for them. They will go to work posing as someone else and watch the employees as well as the managers that work for them to try and weed out the bad and recognize the good. Unfortunately for CBS one of their most recent episodes has people in an uproar for showing a completely misogynistic boss who’s actions were beyond reprehensible.

Bikini’s Sports Bar and Grill is much like Hooters. The girls wear skimpy uniforms while they are working and the clientele is mostly men. The CEO Doug Guller put on a disguise and went to one of the bars to work, posing as a new manager. He said that he wanted to improve his business and how it was run. Guller is proud of the uniforms that he has his waitresses wear. He says that even though the string bikini tops and booty shorts cause some controversy he welcomes it. He likes to call his restaurants “breastaurants”.

While he is working in the store he sees that Jessica, one of the bartenders, is wearing a t-shirt instead of the bikini top. When he asked her why, she stated that she didn’t want to wear a bikini top while she was being filmed. They tell the workers that they are there filming something else like a documentary on the chain so that they don’t reveal what is really going on. She said that she normally does wear the bikini top, she just didn’t want to while cameras were on her. After it was revealed that the manager was actually Guller he told her that it was too bad that she made that choice to wear a t-shirt and promptly fired her. As if that wasn’t enough he was shown speaking with a new employee that had just started and he told her that if she did a great job he would get her in touch with one of the best plastic surgeons around and would get her a b00b job.

Viewers of the show took to Twitter in outrage over the actions of Guller. They called him a perv*rt, a misogynist pig, an many other colorful names.


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  1. It’s his company, she chose to be out of “uniform” while filming and was fired. She may has a case,but those women also chose to work for the company and I’m pretty sure that it’s not the first time employees experienced that type of behavior from him others in the company.

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