Over 30% of U.S. Women Want Husband To Take Care of Them & NOT Be Financially Independent


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Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s COO, is trying to start a new movement for women called “leaning in.” She wants to get more women to be independent with their careers and finances, relying only on themselves and not a spouse. A new study however shows that 32% of women would still rather give up their career and depend on their husbands instead of being independent.

The poll was conducted by CouponCodes4U.com. It asked 2.135 females with full time jobs in the U.S.: “Would you prefer to work for a living or be a ‘lady of leisure’ and have your partner look after you financially?” 55% of the respondents said they would keep their career. The remaining 13% said they were not sure.

These results are almost the opposite of the message that Sandberg (Facebook COO) is trying to send out in her book Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead. In her book she talks about inequality in the workplace and the troubles that women have to go through if they want to work and have a family at the same time. She states that women need to become more proactive in their careers or they will never be viewed as equals.

Mark Pearson who is the owner of the CouponCodes4u website says that the term ‘lady of leisure’ has a bad rap and is looked at negatively. Even so, 79% of the respondents said that they would not feel guilty if they halted their careers and let their husbands do the work. It was also found in the study that 21% of the women would keep working even if their partner was able to take care of all of the bills.



  1. I don’t agree with Sandberg’s message. Her life experiences has given her access to opportunities many women (actually the majority of women) are not privy to. Most women are doing more than just trying to “lean in.” Especially black and Latino women. Most of them are just trying to “get in” and “stay in.” Too often white women think their experiences are universal and start speaking for all women. Sandberg’s is a millionaire worth over 500 MILLION dollars!!!! She doesn’t have to worry about “leaning in” anywhere. I believe most women who work outside the home AND are wives and mothers (another job) are not looking to be supported by their husbands for a life of leisure but for a break from having two jobs!!! Being a homemaker is a job!! One that is 24/7 with no salary or benefits, sick leave or vacation. It is not a life of leisure at all. There are many rewards to being home for your children/family and most of them are NOT financial. Women run the risk of being financially secure when they are fortunate enough to have a spouse that can and is willing to “provide” for his family but raising your children full time if you can is worth the risk. Sandberg’s doesn’t have to worry about any of the “average” women’s concerns about financial security, family care or anything related to caring for her family. As long as women are considered to be the primary caregiver for their families why shouldn’t men step up and be the primary providers for their family?? Give us a break. Equality in the workplace AND home is a fallacy for women. We have just put more stress and responsibility on women than is necessary. I’m tired of the “super woman syndrome.” Most women don’t have a clue about a life of leisure whether they are being provided for or not!!!

  2. How many women do you know who stay home to take care of the house and children lead a 'life of leisure'? Being a homemaker is a fulltime, unpaid, and underappreciated job. The feminist movement tried to tell us that forty years ago but of course, in their wisdom, many people chose not to listen.

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