Over 60% Of $exually Active Women Don’t Test for Very Common STD That Can Lead To Death


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Women get tested for pregnancy and STDs all the time. However, there is one test that two-thirds of women do not get done regularly. That means that there are over 9 million s*xually active women in the U.S. that may not know that they have been infected with chlamydia which is easily caught. It is the most commonly reported STD and the one that is the most commonly tranmitted with in the U.S.

In 2010 alone, there were over 1.3 million reported cases of chlamydia. The CDC believes that there is twice the number of cases but many are not reported. They believe that there were 2.8 million cases all together in 2010.

One scary statistic is that 5% of 19 year old women in the U.S. contracted chlamydia. An even worse statistic is that 1% of 15 year old females have it. Men are more likely to contract the STD but it is worse for women. The symptoms do not usually appear until it has progressed significantly. 10-15% of women will get Pelvic Inflammatory Disease from an untreated case of chlamydia. Up to 15% of those women will end up becoming sterile due to PID. Some may even die because of an ectopic pregnancy that is chlamydia-related.

The CDC recommends that any woman who is s*xually active and is 25 years old or younger should get an annual pelvic exam and be tested for chlamydia. Any woman who is over 25 years of age should get tested annually if they have multiple s*xual partners or if they have a different partner since their last screening. Men do not need regular screenings.

Treatment for chlamydia is easy and effective, but is not permanent. Patients should be retested three months after treatment as well as any new partners that they may have.


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