Overcome Your Allergies With Natural Remedies


allergy remediesSpring is finally here and most people can’t wait to get out and enjoy basking in the warmth of the sun and enjoying all the outdoor activities. But what if all the spring goodness is causing you terrible pain and discomfort because of the many flowers and plants that are budding and all the pollen in the air, because of allergies?

Many people will run to the drug store to find something to help them with their discomfort, but the problem is that sometimes comes with another set of problems; side effects from the medications.

Below, are some natural remedies that can help with your allergies:

 1. Get some apple cider vinegar.

Take one tablespoon of unfiltered raw apple cider vinegar diluted in a cup of water, once in the morning and once before bed. This works wonders for me like no other.

2. Try oil pulling in the morning.

If you’re congested and have a stuffy nose, this provides amazing relief. Learn how to do this Ayurvedic method here. Try this each morning you wake up congested.

3. Drink water, water, and then more water!

Keeping hydrated is huge during allergy season. The more we drink, the more our body is able to process and push out the pollen. This prevents us from feeling the full effect of our allergens.

4. Bathe each night

Any residual pollen on your hair or skin will continue to affect you throughout the night, making symptoms worse. You definitely don’t want to bring this into the house.

5. Put on clean clothes as soon as you get home.

Always be sure to change your clothes after a day outside, frolicking amidst the flowery fields.

6. Sip some peppermint tea.

It’s a soothing and a delicious tea to relieve allergy pains. It provides anti-inflammatory benefits as well as acts as a decongestant. This is perfect before bed as a way to unwind, and prepare for a rejuvenating sleep.

7. Try some stinging nettles

The easiest way to get the antihistamine benefits of this herb is in a tincture form, but if you have the dried leaves, making a tea is nice, too! For tincture, use one eye-dropper every 3 hours or as needed.



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