PA Governor To Investigate Racism Incident Against Black Women Golfers


By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: Myneca Ojo

Late last month, a situation unfolded in the Dover Township of Pennsylvania, which caused a national uproar over the ubiquitous American issue of racism.

On April 21st at Grandview Golf Club, a team of five black female golfers had the police called on them by a group of white men who were also golfing on the course that day. The men complained that the women were golfing too slowly.

Two of the white men included York County, Pennsylvania Commissioner Steve Chronister and his son. Due to Chronister’s elected position in local politics, this incident of hatred also casted the municipal government in a bad light.

The staff members on duty at the Grandview Golf Club approved the five black women’s timing during their rounds on the course. It was also determined by higher-up political officials that the late April incident was indeed discriminatory.

State Senator Vincent Hughes, a Democrat representing Philadelphia and Montgomery counties, wrote a letter to the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission calling for an investigation into this matter.

In a more recent call to action, which unraveled on Friday (May 4), Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf followed suit and also wrote the state commission of human relations pressing its leaders to help investigate.

“[Pennsylvania] must be committed to protecting individuals from discrimination.[If these allegations are true, they] must not be tolerated,” Wolf wrote in a letter addressed to interim chair of the Commission Joel Bolstein.

A whole host of national media outlets have covered this story. Hopefully, the combination of public pressure, negative media coverage, and appeals from high-level elected officials will lead to corrective action being taken.

The Grandview Golf Club of Dover has already conceded to the pressure on one level by refusing to answer any media requests for interviews. The organization has also shut down all of its social media pages online.







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