Pen!s Cancer Is Rare But It is Increasing


By: Krystle Crossman

Two of the most common cancers that men get are test!cular and pr0state. One of the more rare cancers is pen!le cancer. Unfortunately this type of cancer seems to be on the rise lately. The charity Orchid which deals with men’s cancers said that this type of cancer has increased by a whopping 21% recently. Because of this increase Orchid wants men to be familiar with the signs and symptoms so they know when they need to see a doctor.

Because pen!le cancer is so rare it is hard to gather data on survival rates. They do know however that if it is caught early the survival rates are very high. The biggest problem is that men may feel embarrassed and avoid going to do the doctor. This leads to the cancer spreading before they catch it.

Some of the causes that are associated with pen!le cancer are:

– Uncircumcised pen!s: Poor hygiene may be an issue because men either don’t know how to or don’t take the time to properly pull back the skin and clean as they should. This can open them up to a host of bacteria and infections.

– HPV: Human Papilloma Virus is one of the biggest causes of pen!le cancer.

Some of the signs and symptoms that men should watch out for are:

– Bleeding
– A red rash underneath the foresk!n
– Color changes in the skin that do not have an apparent cause
– An ulcer or a lump that does not seem to heal on the pen!s
– An unusual smell coming from the gen!tals
– Swollen lymph nodes in the gen!tals
– A brownish color or flat growths

These symptoms should not be ignored. Even if you think it is nothing, it is better to be safe than sorry.


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