Phaedra Parks’ Incarcerated Ex-Husband Gets Engaged Behind Bars


By Victor Trammell

The divorce story behind Real Housewives of Atlanta star couple Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida is old news now.

The microwave television marriage between Parks, 43, and Nida, 37, seemed doomed from the beginning. Over the last couple of years, things really starting going downhill between the two when Nida was sentenced to an eight-year, federal prison sentence for financial fraud.

However, Nida’s incarceration has not made him scatter into obscurity just yet. He’s scheduled to make a jailhouse appearance on Real Housewives of Atlanta in the near future, TMZ reports. Additionally, Nida’s upcoming television face time is going to be shared with his new wife-to-be.

TMZ also reported yesterday (November 14th) that Nida is engaged to some “mystery woman” who he reportedly started dating around two years ago. Apparently, this guy wastes no time after a breakup when it comes to tying the knot with someone else. Sometimes, jumping into a relationship super fast after a breakup can be a sign of instability.

In Nida’s case, the need to stay relevant behind bars is obviously there. Without some outrageous story like a shotgun marriage from behind bars, nobody rolls the camera for this guy to make a television appearance. This is not to say the “mystery woman” is pregnant, but if she were, it could make for better ratings toward the show.

It really looks like Phaedra Parks dodged a bullet here. She obviously has her own career in television to focus on. Standing by her man wouldn’t have been a good idea in this case. It’s a good thing Nida’s federal fraud case was in no way connected to her.

Finally, TMZ gave another detail about the upcoming jailhouse episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Apparently, Phaedra’s reaction to Nida’s jailhouse engagement was captured on camera. Hopefully, the director got a blank stare from her for that scene.

She certainly has no reason to cry over a desperate, incarcerated, and attention-seeking felon who doesn’t really have the ability to take care of her anymore. However, it’ll be interesting to see what this “mystery lady” of Nida’s looks like. It’s certainly popcorn time for all of the RHOA lovers out there.




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