Phaedra Parks Says She Is Getting Threats, Some Want Her Disbarred


By Carolyn Tisdale

In light of becoming the most hated diva on reality television, Phaedra Parks (pictured) has spoken out about some new drama that is a far cry from the scripted banter that occurs on The Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA).

TMZ Online reported on Thursday (May 11th) that Parks, 43, told the tabloid news agency that she (as well as her children) have been getting constantly harassed online. Parks (who works as an attorney) also told TMZ that her law office has been getting flooded with hate mail.

Michael Lissack, a famed whistleblower and former attorney has filed an official grievance against Parks to the State Bar of Georgia. Lissack believes Parks’ lying and slanderous activity are proper grounds for the moonlighting reality television star to lose her license to practice law in the state of Georgia.

“Ms. Parks’ conduct by falsely accusing Kandi and Todd of [email protected], kidnapping, and drugs is beyond the pale,” Lissack told TMZ in a video interview.

“[Parks’ act] exemplifies what is wrong with the entire ‘Real Housewives’ franchise, which is–when I was young, schadenfreude was a forbidden emotion and we now have a network that seems to be devoted to the idea that it’s okay to take delight in other people’s misery,'” Lissack continued.

A rep for Parks scoffed to TMZ about Lissack’s claims and wrote off his grievance as a “frivolous complaint filed by an attention seeking fan.”

“We fully expect that it will be dismissed,” Parks’ rep told TMZ.

Parks maintains that she was baited into telling all the lies by members of the RHOA production staff. Parks claims that when she outed them as the originators of the lying scandal, she was retaliated against.

Parks is also angry because she adamantly stressed this claim during the recent RHOA reunion episode but the clip of her making the claim was edited out at the request of producers.

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