Pink Noise: The Secret To Better Sleep?


pink sheetsBy Staff Blogger

You have most likely heard of “white noise” that is supposed to help you to get to sleep or help you to concentrate, but have you ever heard of “pink noise”? Pink noise is a controlled track that is calibrated to your brain waves. Research has shown that it can increase the amount that you sleep and help your memory as well.

Pink noise was studied at the University of Tubingen in Germany. When you sleep your brain oscillates, much like a fan. This pink noise follows these oscillations in the brain which is what helps you to sleep. The research began when they kept hearing students say that it was easier to study for a test right before they went to sleep as opposed to studying during the day.

The researchers looked at encephalograph (EEG) to measure the brain waves and introduced the pink noise slowly so that they could sync it with the naturally occurring slow oscillations. This technique not only helped the patient sleep even longer than they normally would, but when they awoke they had an easier time remember the things that they had studied the night before.

Unfortunately these trials are still in the testing phases. The pink noise tracks are not available on mp3 yet due to the fact that the waves sync up to your brain personally. There isn’t a way yet to manually have the frequencies match your brain.

Pink noise is also thought to be helpful in reducing the symptoms of insomnia or even ADHD. For now, people are going to have to wait for a pink noise pill that will help them to sleep through the night.


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