PMS: Why It Turns Some Women Into Monsters


angry-black-woman2By Staff Blogger

It’s that “special” time of the month. You are bloated, cranky, irritable, and have cramps. It’s the time of the month when husbands and boyfriends know to stay away and not make you angry or else you turn into She-Hulk. Do you really know how much PMS can affect your life? Read on to find out.

The Mayo Clinic estimates that at least 75% of women have the above symptoms a few days before their period starts. The symptoms can vary or sometimes will not show up at all. If they do appear, most disappear as soon as the period begins. PMS is difficult to define because women have such a variety of symptoms;  everyone is different.

Emotional symptoms generally show up in every woman before their period. These include crying spells, anger, depression, mood swings, social withdrawal, tension, irritability, anxiety, and appetite changes. Many women will get cravings for certain foods. Some of the physical symptoms that could arise are cramps, bloating, acne, headaches, joint and muscle pain, fatigue, and weight gain. It’s just such a wonderful time of the month!

There are different factors that contribute to all of these symptoms. Chemical changes in your body are one of the biggest contributors to PMS. Your hormones are running wild which causes a bevy of emotional symptoms. Behaviors like poor eating habits and poor stress management are also contributors to some of the worst symptoms.

Most women would love to be able to control this time and be able to control the physical and emotional symptoms. There is nothing you can do for the chemical changes as those are just a part of your chemistry (although being on birth control pills can help lessen the severity of the symptoms), but you can control your behaviors to lessen the impact of some of the symptoms on those around you.


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