Pole Dancing: For Str!ppers Only or Good for Health and Fitness?


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Pole fitness is becoming more and more popular these days and there is a reason why…it is one of the most intense workouts you will ever give your body. Here are 11 things that you may not know about pole dancing for fitness:

1. When you think of pole dancing you are probably thinking of what goes on in a strip club, but there are actually different kinds of pole dancing. There is art, s*xy, and sport.

2. No matter how old they are, those who use pole dance for fitness are in the best shape of their lives. It is a cardio and strength training workout in one. Every muscle in your body will ache but it will improve your flexibility and balance.

3. You need to have skin exposed so that you can grip onto the pole better. Your arms, legs, and stomach needs to be exposed for safety reasons.

4. It’s not just about dancing. There are tricks and stunts that are performed. Props are involved. Some people turn this into a serious and competitive sport that some are trying to make into an Olympic sport.

5. Men pole dance as well. Some will even compete professionally.

6. If you are not properly trained, you could become seriously injured.

7. It is great for your emotional health too. Getting a trick down that you never thought you could do is a great mood booster.

8. Even if you think you have no upper body strength, that is no reason not to try it. You can gain upper body strength.

9. It is not always hot and s*xy. There are times when it is mellow and more artistic.

10. People still judge those who use pole dancing as a form of fitness.

11. Because so many people judge those who do pole fitness, the community of people who do it are very close. They are like a family that needs to stand up for each other.



    • Stop thinking about it on a flesh level, take your mind to another place and think about seeing yourself and the physical part of your body on the pole. You cannot get on that pole without a focus and perfect health body strengthening. Its an art here in Las Vegas on the west-coast and those women get paid well, they even have to have a sheriff-card, Lic and health-card with shots. Las Vegas is not free, and men are not allowed to touch the girls. The pole is just a show. There are some places that take it to another level s*xually, but they are all outside the state-lines..

    • Yes. It is intent and audience. Which is why our studios are for women only, no mirrors and dim lighting. We concentrate on each individual woman and her whole self. How she feels emotionally and physically, teaching her from the ground up. Pole dance fitness at S Factor studios is not all about gaining technical accuracy for performance or competition. It is for every woman to try to gain the best body she can and feel good about herself. We also have a la carte advanced pole classes which address the more accomplished athlete who wants to push herself technically.
      When Sheila Kelley studied pole dance for the movie “Dancing at the Blue Iguana” back in the 1990s, she found it to be the best fitness movement she has ever done. And that’s how S Factor was born. Back then, there was no such thing as a pole dance fitness studio. This is what Sheila Kelley brought to the world, when she debuted it on Oprah in 2003.

  1. Wow!!!
    As I was out walking my 3 miles and meditating last night I was just asking God to strengthen my body for “POLE DANCING” and I wake-up this morning turn on my PC and look!!! I’m excited, I could careless what people say or think about me. Its a hard working sexy-flexy-art, and its beautiful, will make endorfins fly of the scale. If I can master it “I Will DANCE ON THAT POLE” here in Las Vegas at the nudy-club.
    That’s it! I’m climbing the pole…

  2. Robin Montgomery on

    I have had trial experience on an introductory special and as. I am looking into budget and schedule to make this a fitness program for myself! It is fun, invigorating, and so good for self esteem and poise.
    And something extra for Cougars and the New 30’s Women (50.+) …#smilingrealBig

  3. Correct my if I’m wrong but wasn’t this a popular exercise trend about a decade ago, I remember it being parodied on sitcoms

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