POPSUGAR Media Stirs Controversy by Pitting Asian Models Against Black Ones After Victoria’s Secret Runway Show


By Victor Trammell

Early this past week, Victoria’s Secret held its annual runway presentation with much fan fare as expected.

However, a major race-related topic of discussion explosion happened after POPSUGAR Media posted a controversial video on its Facebook page, which strongly complained about Asian models not being celebrated for their natural hair showcases on the runway the way black models were praised over their fashionable looks.

The video was titled, “Why Aren’t Asian Models Included In Victoria’s Secret Natural Hair Revolution?” The female narrator of the brief video said the following during her commentary:

“Victoria’s Secret pledged that many models would rock natural hair during its 2016 fashion show. Many women did and looked fantastic. One group, however, stood out. Because despite include a record number of Asian models in this year’s show, not one of them walked with their natural hair texture on display. Which leaves us to wonder: Why wasn’t their signature look included?” (POPSUGAR Facebook Page)

The video went on to show black models being featured with their natural hair textures being displayed. The narrator went on a rant talking about how black women are the only women of color who are celebrated for their natural hair textures being on display.

The video even contained explicit language, which seemed to show anger over the perceived notion that black models overshadow Asian models on the Victoria’s Secret runway. Shayna Watson, a writer who contributes to The Root summed up the POPSUGAR trouble making perfectly in an article, which was published on Saturday (December 10th). Watson wrote:

“The video has received much criticism for a list of assumptions. First, being that there is one natural-hair type for all Asians. The Asian race includes many ethnicities and nationalities, so which “natural beauty” of Asians were they referring to in this video? The four Asian models included in the runway show were all fair skinned with long, straight hair. However, many are asking about Asians who are not of East Asian descent—where is the outrage surrounding their gross lack of representation? Predominantly dark-skinned Asians are often totally forgotten in the conversations around the lack of Asians in media.” (TheRoot.com)

POPSUGAR’s Facebook video has been viewed well over 800,000 times and has created a tidal wave of angry comments on social media.

Since Watson’s argument has been raised, one could expect Victoria’s Secret to issue some kind of public apology over this race-baiting storm of controversy. POPSUGAR definitely seems to have a misguided attitude of anger, which seeks to divide and conquer women of color in the modeling industry.