Popsugar Media’s Article on Embracing Natural Hair Has No Black Women Featured


By Victor Trammell

Popsugar Media has developed a habit of inflaming race-based controversy. Last year, the pop culture reporting outlet posted a video on its Facebook page, which seemed to pit Asian models against black models after the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Runway Presentation.

“Victoria’s Secret pledged that many models would rock natural hair during its 2016 fashion show. Many women did and looked fantastic. One group, however, stood out,” said a female narrator for the Popsugar Facebook video.

“Because despite include a record number of Asian models in this year’s show, not one of them walked with their natural hair texture on display. Which leaves us to wonder: Why wasn’t their signature look included?” the narrator also asked.

Popsugar Media has furthered what looks like a campaign of alienating black female beauty from its brand. According to Mic.com, Popsugar published a recent article titled “These 3 Women Are Making a Serious Case For Not Processing Their Hair.”

In the June 18th article’s photo lineup, no black models were featured to illustrate the subject matter. As expected, another round of public backlash against Popsugar ensued after the media outlet decided again to push their stacked envelope of race-based exclusion.

Rachel Lubitz, a Senior Writer for Mic.com made a very valid point about the non-black woman natural hair movement. “None of the women featured in the [Popsugar] article, for example, would get fired because of their natural hair. The same can’t be said for black woman,” Lubitz wrote.

The case of Akua Agyemfra accurately validates the point Lubitz made in her Mic.com article. CBC News reported in March 2016 that Agyemfra, a then 20-year-old black woman was fired from her job as a waitress at a restaurant in Toronto because she showed up to work with her natural hair in a bun.

Popsugar Media is apparently unrepentant over their antics as the outlet has not dispatched a public relations representative to offer any kind of apology.

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