Porsha Stewart: Kordell “had no factual…exact reason to divorce me”


By: Krystle Crossman

Unfortunately for Kordell Stewart his divorce is not going to be an easy one or a private one. The second the ink hit the papers rumors began to fly and the tabloids lit up with stories and accusations. The divorce has been in the public eye and of course has been a hot topic on Real Housewives of Atlanta for all the world to see. This can’t make divorce any easier with everything that has been said, but sadly there doesn’t seem to be a way to keep it out of the public eye.

There have been previews of the show which premieres on Sunday that show a tear-filled Porsha Stewart coming home from a court proceeding with her soon-to-be-ex. She was wondering why exactly he was filing for divorce. She says that she is still trying to process everything. She also stated that she was treated like a child by her husband and that he admitted to the court that when he would get mad at her he would lock her out of the house when she came home at night if she didn’t meet his “curfew” time.

Porsha’s mother broke down on screen too saying that it was really hard to hear that her daughter had been treated that way. They both broke down in court when he said that he couldn’t give a specific reason as to why he was divorcing the RHOA star. Porsha’s mother comforted her and told her that it was Kordell’s loss and that she didn’t do anything wrong.

Porsha seemed like she was trying to make her marriage work and fought for it the best that she could but not matter how hard she tried it just didn’t work for her.



  1. Didn’t she leave the marital home abandoning a 9 year old child that she was in charge of, all the while listening to Ne Ne Leaks, who was already divorced & working to mend her marriage, then start bad talking Cordell, in any & every media outlet she could find. She expected him to get accustomed to the “Drama Kool-Aid” like all the other husbands while she spent her days “popping bottles” & drunk while not taking care of home & doing whatever the Hell she wanted to, Like Ne Ne was whispering in her ear

  2. She was on a curfew?? A grown ass woman? Wow! Was he on a curfew? She was young and trying to please her man, women there is a difference between a husband and a controlling freak! You can’t put it on Nene after all, when they went to Las Vegas she stayed in while the others went out trying to satisfy her husband. Wow! It is a thin line between love and hate! She should have kicked his controlling ass to the curve not the other way around.

    • She got served divorce papers @ her “boyfriends” house were she was living & the only time I stayed the night away from my wife was when I went out of town to my Grand Mother’s funeral & my wife had just given birth to our son. Never saw my Mother sleep in another bed with my Father @ home or my Grand Mother while my Grand Father was alive. Curfew she was a Married women, Ne Ne wasn’t you call that being pathetic nasty troll but hey, I’ve seen TV that’s what you sister now emulate & call being strong & independent “just nasty”

        • Even though I met them both briefly @ an corporate event some time ago, this is celebrity gossip “entertainment”. I care more have more interest in the squirrel I saw in my court yard on the way to my car this morning that either of them or their relationship, “he was fat & funny”. I do care about the perception the dysfunction & deviants is the norm for “Black relationships” or that “Housewives Anything” is our reality or moral compass. I have an 18 year old college freshmen son & mentor young men on the West Side of Chicago who date women that find this behavior admirable

    • We only know what we here unless one slept in the same bed with these two, then here say is just that. If this man was a control freak then this young lady did the right thing getting out of there. I would like to think that the child was left along. People really need to think about marriage before exchanging those vows. So many couples marry for all the wrong reasons because I have did just that. Once one knows what the word love means then just maybe people will seek a higher power for their mate.

  3. Shawn J McMahon on

    I heard Kordell was “GAY” anyway years a go. I believe he is fighting with his inner demon to put on the wig and dress and give two snaps and pop and just say women “Hate it”

  4. Beverly Pollard on

    I don’t understand what she is attempting to say. His exact and factual reason for divorcing her is: he no longer wants to be married to her. What is there not to understand about that? Isn’t that what he is demonstrating by his behavior towards her?

    Is she dense?

    • She can’t do better the boyfriend was willing to “Lay” but not “Pay”, that’s why she’s back @ her Mommas house. This is just a common story in the African-American community, marry & abuse the “Square” & be abused & used by the “Swag” & this is how it ends

    • Since you were living in their house your so informed on their Marriage or more likely she’s afraid just like so many others on that show once she’s divorced without his income she won’t qualify to be on the show & “fade to Black”. The rumor around the radio stations in Atlanta is she was “creeping” the entire time & the show got her busted

  5. O now shes crying… she wasnt crying when she put that man’s business all out n the streets like that last week… now that she c he dont want her gold digging ass no mo for real this time she wants sympathy well u wont get it from me

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