Porsha Williams Claims Rumors She Betrayed Phaedra, Slept With Apollo Nida Are Lies


By Victor Trammell

After last week’s reunion show taping for “Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA),” a rumor exploded about Porsha Williams (pictured) sleeping with former RHOA co-star Apollo Nida before he reported to serve his eight-year federal prison sentence.

Nida is the estranged husband of current RHOA co-star Phaedra Parks. Parks and Williams are very good friends. RHOA co-star Todd Tucker is the one on the set of last week’s show taping who supposedly started the rumor, which spread like wildfire on the internet and beyond.

HealthyBlackWoman.com even published a report about the allegation against Williams this past Monday (March 20th). However, Williams has spoken out against Tucker’s allegations. She completely denies the rumor and played down the reports that there was any friction during the show taping last week.

During a juicy segment on Dish Nation, (which Williams worked on very recently) she answered a question about the rumor that was asked by her fellow Dish Nation co-host Gary With Da Tea.

“That’s not true. Yeah, that’s completely false. He never accused me of anything at the reunion whatsoever,” Williams replied.

“I don’t know. It must be a troll or something that started it…you know they try to start like a rumor before the reunion actually comes to get people talking but that’s a motherf*cking rumor. I never had anything with Apollo,” she continued.

Word about the rumor circulated further last week after a fake Instagram screenshot went viral. The screenshot reportedly was a confession by Williams in which she admitted to sleeping with Nida. However, during her segment on Dish Nation, Williams also said that she never posted anything on her personal account admitting to allegations concerning some kind of affair with Nida.

“I did not post this and delete this at all,” Williams reiterated. “So all the blogs that are writing this and putting this on their pages may want to delete this ASAP,” she continued.

To watch the clip of Dish Nation where Williams addresses the rumors about her, click here.

Source : http://dishnation.com/porsha-williams-slams-fake-news-claiming-she-slept-with-apollo-nida/






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