Pot “tampons” Promise To Put an End To Period Pain?


By: Isabella Carson

It is that time of the month. You are in pain. The cramps, the bloating, the headaches…it can be overwhelming sometimes. Some women experience more symptoms than other because of underlying medical conditions such as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or endometriosis. There are over-the-counter medications that can be taken to relieve these symptoms for a short amount of time but many do not work for long. The company Foria has released a new product in California and Colorado that could change the way women feel during their time of the month.

The Foria Relief Capsule is set to revolutionize period pain management. It is a [email protected] suppository that has marijuana extract in it. There is not enough to give you a high, but it does stop the pain during your period. In the capsule there is 60mg of THC that is extracted from a female marijuana plant, 10mg of CBD (cannabidol), and cocoa butter. The combination of the THC and CBD help to relax your muscles and ease the amount of cramping that you may experience. The plants that are used for the extracts are all hand-grown and are never covered in chemicals or pesticides. Foria says that its products are made with care so that they are safe for every woman.

Another product that is made by Foria is called Pleasure. It is a mixture of coconut oil and cannabis oil that work to enhance pleasure and sensations for both a woman and her partner. The oils promote relaxation in the body by increasing the blood flow. This product does not have enough cannabis in it to get you high either, but it has just enough to put you into a state of relaxation that both you and your partner can enjoy. The oil helps different women in different ways. Some women will be able to use it to increase lubrication. Others will find that increases the frequency and intensity of the big O.

Since both of these products contain marijuana extract they are only available in the states where it is legal, California and Colorado. The product may enter other states as legalization happens. Would you try a suppository with THC in it to try and relieve your period symptoms or would you prefer to stick to traditional methods?

Source: www.foriapleasure.com


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