Pregnant at 13: Sarah Jakes Shares Her Story in New Book


By: Krystle Crossman

Sarah Jakes grew up in a home where you were expected to be a completely moral person that always obeyed religion 100% of the time. She is the daughter of Bishop TD Jakes. The pressure of this stereotype of being the daughter of a man of the cloth may have gotten to her, causing her to rebel at a very young age. She has now written a book called Lost and Found on her lost childhood including getting pregnant at the very young age of 13.

When she found out that she was pregnant she said that all she could think about was the fact that she was going to be in trouble. She was too young to realize the complexity of the situation and realize what this was going to do to that new little baby that she had created. Then came the hard part of telling her very religious father. She couldn’t bring herself to do it and her sister ended up writing a letter to her parents to let them know what was going on. She said at first they were devastated as any parents would be upon finding out that their barely teenage daughter was pregnant. But then her father realized that he had to practice what he preached and supported Sarah as best as he could. He knew that it would not look good to his congregation if he turned his back on his own daughter during her biggest crisis so far.

Sarah went on a small downward spiral after the birth of her son. She said that she started giving it away to every guy that she met and had no self-respect for herself. She then finally decided that this was not the way that she wanted to live her life. She ended up marrying NFL linebacker Robert Henson but they were divorced after four years. She has had a daughter since then and wants to make sure that she is not pressured in any way to be something that she is not just because she is Bishop TD Jakes’ granddaughter.



  1. Emmett Bowers on

    Thank you Bishop for practicing what you had being preaching. Sure it hurts when your daughter goes out and come back pregnant, being a father of three daughters, I’ve been thru that agony of dealing with one coming back in her preteens pregnant. Sure, I flipped, but after getting my self together, I stood by her all the way, and I loved that granddaughter even now. God loved us even before we entered into this world, bonded us before we even breathe our first breath, so we as parents must do the same for our children, even when they rebel and more so when they return home.

  2. It is a shame that “Krystle Crossman” that wrote this article cannot get the facts straight!

    The article opening paragraph said:

    “Sarah Jakes grew up in a home where you were expected to be a completely moral person that always obeyed religion 100% of the time. She is the daughter of Bishop TD Jakes.”

    The Last paragraph said:

    “She has had a daughter since then and wants to make sure that she is not pressured in any way to be something that she is not just because she is Bishop TD Jakes’ granddaughter.


    • Amen B. Wash….

      God said one without sin cast the first stone.
      No one is perfect but God and everyone has their own personal process they must walk through in the natural realm according to Gods purpose for their life…. Nobody get to choose somebody else’s life plan n process…. or judge it either especially when your called appointed n anointed…

    • First of all B. Wash, if you read the last paragraph carefully, you will see that the interviewer was talking about the granddaughter and not the Bishop’s daughter. Quote on quote, ( she, meaning the Bishop’s daughter, wants to make sure her daughter, the Bishop’s granddaughter does not grow up thinking she can do what ever she wants just because she’s the Bishop’s granddaughter). Unquote. Let’s read with understanding people.

    • She has a misplaced modifier, which makes the sentence hard to understand. The “she” to whom she’s referring is Sarah’s daughter.

      And to those who said to “read with understanding”…it’s actually a grammatical error. should proofread!

      • Folks need to learn how to discern of spirit, allow God to teach you the mind of Christ according to God’s purpose and plan for man. Sarah Jakes has a process to walk thrust chosen by God just like anybody else that had been called by God just as her father has, its not up to you or me to call the shots or judge her but to get the message out of her test and her experience so those who really do need her testimony can heal and be delivered. Take your mouths off Gods anointed before you get touched… need it chosen by

  3. mark english on

    praise the young whore…show how valid your standards are…see what you promote…you are immoral and hell is your lot…

  4. paula Collier on

    God is amazing, our children, we try so hard to protect them,and guide them around the obstacles we’ve climbed and struggled with. I know, I have such a beautiful daughter, and yet her role is the masculine one in her relationship she shares with another woman. I’m so disturbed by it. However, I continue to pray and ask God “Lord if I have a beam in my eye, let me see around it and see her for who you designed her to be”. And I wait on God. I’m Declaring and Decreeing that God has a great responsibility for her,and it might be like Queen Esther,to save the people from destruction. Through the ministry he’s birthing on the inside of her.
    Our Children

  5. This is disgrace. It only shows that there are fake Christians in the church. Most daughters of pastors are ho’s, so I’m not surprised. I woulda took her a$$ straight to the abortion clinic. Some black women wonder why they don’t have a husband, its because of trifling stuff like this.

    • @toyabg…

      Wow! such sterotype!! What make’s her any different from anybody else! My father was a pastor, I ain’t no “HOE”… Just because parents step into the ministry doesn’t mean their children are different then anybody else’s children.
      Some black-folks are religious frauds who make their own rules because they love controlling other peoples lives 24-7.

      With what measure you “JUDGE” you shall also be judge accordingly.

  6. Shirley A Lewis on

    I read the book and enjoyed it. I guess I missed the part where she said she “gave it away to every guy she met”. Yes, she was pretty “hung up” on Robert and did things that are “probably typical” of some young folks her age. Being a preacher’s daughter means nothing; being human means everything.

  7. Check Jakes life before he got the calling.What father would not be upset about his daughter being pregnant at any age let alone 13.What could he do but support her.Why do people feel the need to air their dirty laundry anyway?I cannot imagine being pregnant at 13. I was till playing with Betsy Mccall dolls.LOL Anyway a different time and day. All is well that ends well.

  8. Hello, I have experienced this heartache, heart-breaking love story. I am sorry too say that I thought I was helping my child by ridding of an unborn at 16. This continues to bother me as I write this message. I wished I had gone to the Lord as I know him. I was so torn with her future with a guy that ended up in prison. I (mother) thought this could not happen to my child. I am still asking the Lord for forgiveness of my part with my child having sex at such a young age and getting pregnant, having an abortion. If one could turn back the hands of time, I would have supported her with the pregnancy. The baby had nothing to do with the two young people experimenting with their bodies. I mother, tried to be God for her. I am a work in progress. The word of God is my aim today too please. I must forgive myself too move on. Yes! a saved sinner that needs too take up the cross daily. Daughter is a mother of two children without the fathers. I wonder had I stood strong with the LORD. I do know this, I pray for young ladies, as well talk about the consequences with having children. This chain will be broken in my family. In this you will see how my mistake can offer help, as I continue with my life as one of God’s children too share Jesus in my LIFE.

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