Pregnant & Don’t Know Who The Father Is?


pregnant black and whiteWhen ever we hear about a woman who is pregnant and does not know who the father of the baby is, most of us will look at her with a judgmental eye because of the many implications that come with her circumstance. Not knowing the father of your child implies that you were having an intimate relationship with more than one man in the same time period which is enough to cause people to judge you but it also implies that you were also being reckless with your life by not using protection to prevent not only pregnancy, but many diseases.

Beyond the judgment, though, there is a women, maybe even a young girl who is in a very distressing situation. Being pregnant, when it was unplanned, unwanted and unexpected is already very stressful but not knowing who the father of the child is makes it even worse.

Rachel Ambler, a consultant midwife and contributor at, gives advice:

If you’re not sure who the dad of your baby is, it’s only natural to worry about it all the time. Rest assured, you can probably work out who the dad is by looking back at when your last period started.

Now’s the time to really focus on your baby and yourself, and be practical. What’s done is done, and getting stressed is not good for you or your baby.

So, here’s how you can work out who your baby’s dad is. You need to know when you were most likely to get pregnant, when you were at your most fertile. If your periods are regular, this should be simple.

First of all, write down when the first day of your last period was. If you don’t normally make a note of when your periods start, try to remember other things. Can you remember where you were or what you were doing when your last period started?

Most women have a period every 28 days. If you do too, work out the date your last period started, and count on two weeks. That’s when you’ll be fertile, because it’s around that time that your ovaries release an egg. When your ovaries release an egg, it’s called ovulation.

You’ll ovulate 14 days before the date your next period is due. So it’s an easy sum to do if you have a 28-day cycle. You’ll be fertile half-way through your cycle.

But if your periods come more or less often than 28 days, you’ll need to adjust the sums. So, say you have a period every 23 days. Work out the date that your next period was due (the one you’ve missed) and count back 14 days. On a 23-day cycle, you’ll ovulate on day nine.



  1. How about teaching your girls to respect themselves by showing them how you respect their mother? Be there to help raise your children, provide for them. Quit expecting society to provide for you, quit expecting the government to be your child’s sex education consultant because all our government knows how to do is screw us. It is disgusting to me that a woman wouldn’t know who the father of her child is, unless she was raped. That would be the only excuse. Otherwise, she is an immoral person and her get will be no better.

  2. What gets me about these situation is when they just pick a guy and say you are the father, when they are not really sure. What should they do? Put their big girl panties on tell them they are not sure, wait until the baby gets here and take the test. There you go. Don’t make the situation worse by pointing the finger when you don’t know

  3. CORRECTION! Here’s how you can work out who your baby’s dad is; Do not go around sleeping with more than one man at the same time, if you have to ouse a condom – case closed.

  4. Latrice i agree with you 100%, they Should be ashamed to wait until a child born to know who the father is. they always pick the one they love to call the baby daddy ,and at the end of the day that is not the child father.

  5. This kind of situation will not decrease until society seriously starts addressing ‘Women Sexuality.” That “Doing it to make him happy or For Love,” is not alive in this day and age. Women are having sex because it “FEELS GOOD!~” And getting pregnant. Too often this ‘New Generation’ of Ladies, are being taught how to ‘Turn Men On”(with the clothing and physical behavior) but not taught how to “Turn Him Off ounce started.” Then have sex with him because she for one is ‘Feeling the Heat of Passion’; but also she feels ‘Guilty for teasing him’ and hurting feelings clouds her thought process. This is just my “Observant” opinion.

  6. Jonathan E.Hines on

    Rule 1: every woman a right to healthcare and a mandatory AIDS TESTING.
    Rule 2: “. “. “. “. “. “. DNA. TEST, and FATHER.knowing
    BBlesd and b not beguiled by lust.ite and seXx.ite immoralLOT.try 4 GOD IS not mocked…!

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