“Pregorexia”: How Some Women Are Endangering Their Unborn Babies


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

When you become pregnant you will most likely gain weight. It is a fact of life;  it happens, and it is a good thing. You should gain weight because that means that the baby is growing. You don’t want to pig out and gain more weight than you should, and your doctor will let you know if you are gaining too much or too little. The average weight gain for pregnant women is 25-35 pounds. Some women are so afraid of becoming fat when they are pregnant however that they go on extreme diets. This is harmful to the baby and harmful to their bodies as well.

One mother tells her story about how she gained 32 pounds while she was pregnant and would have anxiety every time she had to step on the scale at the doctor’s. When she became pregnant again she refused to let that happen to her and went on an extreme diet. She ended up with an eating disorder. The term “pregorexia” has been coined by the media. It is not a medically recognized disorder but it is very real and happens with a lot of women. Almost a third of women don’t gain enough weight while they are pregnant.

This mother, Maggie Baumann, would do intense exercise and would barely eat. She ended up having bleeding in her uterus and the doctor told her she needed to stop exercising immediately or she would miscarry. This was when she was 11 weeks along. She refused to stop working out and then at seven months the baby was too small. The doctors feared that it wasn’t getting the nutrients that it needed. She ended up exercising in secret so that no one could stop her. She knew that she was doing the wrong thing, and felt horrible about it, but couldn’t stop herself. Celebrities and the media may certainly have a small portion of the blame as they have personal trainers to help them look amazing during and after pregnancy.

Medical experts say that women who have had eating disorders in the past are more at risk to have one while they are pregnant.


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