President Trump is “a child of God” Says Actress Meagan Good


By Victor Trammell

Another black entertainer has made headlines by capitalizing off the Donald Trump inauguration controversy.

Actress Meagan Good (pictured) found time to give her two cents about Trump’s brand new presidency during the promotion of Love by the 10th Date, a Lifetime original film that Good will be starring in. On Friday (January 20th), The Grio published an article online, which covered Good’s exclusive interview about her upcoming Lifetime film.

“I’m just going to pray for him. At the end of the day he’s still a human being. I don’t accept and I’m not OK with a lot of the stuff that has gone on, but he’s still a human being and a child of God,” Good told The Grio. The 35-year-old Waist Deep co-star also talked about her affinity for the outgoing Obama First Family and how much she’s going to miss them.

“They are such an incredible couple. They are an incredible married couple. You can see that they’re equally yolked. You can see that there’s mutual respect. It’s not him in front of her, it’s him and her side by side,” Good said.

“They’re such a beautiful example of what marriage and partnership is. As president and first lady they are so classy, and so hip and awesome. They’re just cool. I’m grateful to have been old enough–and young enough–to appreciate everything that they stood for and stand for,” she continued.

As expected, Good’s comments about Trump were not met with much praise by black users of social media across America. However, making national headlines ahead of the release of a major film project was probably a good marketing move by the popular black female actress.

Love by the 10th Date will debut on Lifetime Saturday, January 28th at 8/7 p.m. CST. The film is a new era remix of Pam Grier’s legendary blaxiploitation movie Foxy Brown.




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  1. You are right Meagan Good, but remember there have been a lot of wayward children of God who had to be judged and punished for their evil sins, And he is of no exception, he must pay for his sins as well for the Lord will deal with him because of his position, he has great responsibility to do the right thing and if he doesn’t he will pay for his sins. For millions of people’s lives are at stake. Only in the United States but the world this is a child in the White House that should not be there. love you lady.

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