Products That Should Never Go in or Near Your [email protected]


By: Krystle Crossman

[email protected] hygiene products are everywhere. The advertisements in the magazines are numerous. But are these products that they are selling something that you even need? Most of the time, no. In fact, many of these products are actually quite bad for your most sensitive area. Here are some things that you should never put inside of your [email protected] for safety reasons:

1. Tea Tree Oil – Sure, it is natural. However the pH in tea tree oil is not neutral and can mess up your internal pH levels. This opens you up to some bad bacteria and possible infections. Not only that but the oil can actually cause burning and irritation. Try coconut oil instead!

2. D0uche – [email protected] d0uche products are advertised all the time but there is no reason whatsoever that you should be using them. Your [email protected] cleans itself every single day. You have good bacteria that maintains a pH balance which keeps infections away. If you mess with the good bacteria by cleaning it all away with a d0uche product, you are more likely to get an infection.

3. Anything that has been in your butt – Never put anything near your [email protected] that has been in your rear-end. The bad bacteria will create a very high risk for infection. This can include toys, fingers, and toilet paper.

4. Food – As strange as it may sound, some people actually use food to spice up their s*x life. Some use foods such as cucumbers and bananas as toys when they don’t have any actual toys around the house. This is never a good idea. There may be pesticides that are on the food that can cause irritation or even chemical burns. A piece of the food could break off and become lodged in the [email protected] wall and end up rotting in there. Don’t use food for any reason.

5. S*x toys made of rubber or plastic – Silicone, stainless steel, and phthalate-free materials are the way to go when purchasing a toy. Plastic toys can have a load of chemicals in them. Rubber can crack and break and then become a host for multiple different types of bacteria that you don’t want introduced to your lady parts.

6. Hair Dye – You may want the carpet to match the drapes, but hair dye is a huge no-no when it comes to things that you should put near your [email protected] Chemical burns are almost sure to happen, not to mention the risk of infection.

7. Jewels – Vagaziling is something that was popular for a while even though it is extremely unsafe and never recommended. Tiny rhinestones and other jewels are placed around the genitals to make them look more appealing. However the glue that is used can trap bacteria and cause infection.

8. Oil-based lubes – Oil is very hard to clean from the [email protected] It also is made of glycerin which can open you to a host of bad bacteria and infection. They can also make c0ndoms less effective because oil and Latex do not mix. Try using silicone based lubes instead.

9. Electric toothbrushes – These are sometimes used as toys, but they should not be. There is a lot of bacteria from your mouth that can live on the toothbrush. It is also made from materials that can cut open your most vulnerable tissues.



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