Purse or Toilet? Guess Which Has More Bacteria?


handbagsBy Staff Blogger

We love to take our purses everywhere with us. They carry our keys, our lip gloss, wallets, change, and assorted necessities. One thing that you are carrying around that you may not realize; germs!  Bacteria in your purse can build up and eventually you can have more germs in your purse than on a toilet seat! Gross!

Researchers tested swab samples that they took from the surfaces of items inside 25 different purses. They then compared the data to data from toilet hygiene tests. The dirtiest part of the handbag is the handle. This is the part of the purse that carries more bacteria than a toilet seat. They also found that one in five purses had so much bacteria in them that they could be considered a health risk. Out of the items in the bags, bottles of hand cream had the most bacteria on them.

We don’t really give much thought to where our purses end up during the day. They travel to the bathroom, sit on the floor at restaurants, and even land on the ground. When your purse touches these surfaces, it picks up all of the bacteria that is on that surface. Since we don’t think about this that often, we don’t end up cleaning our purses as much as we should either.

Some great ways to ensure your favorite handbag doesn’t become a germ infested safety hazard are as follows:

1. Wash your hands often. Practice good hygiene so that you aren’t transferring germs to your purse or from your purse to your hands.

2. Get into a cleaning routine. Clean your purse out every week. Take everything out, clean the items, and clean the purse itself, especially the handles.

3. Be mindful of what you put in your purse. Don’t put things like dirty tissues, shoes, or food in your purse. These things carry bacteria and can transfer it to other items or your hands.


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