Put Down That “Magic Cure”: Why Homeopathic Remedies May Be Costing You More Than Your Money


By: Krystle Crossman

So you have an ailment and you decided to reach out to your friends for help? They probably told you all about these great homeopathic remedies that they have used for everything from a paper cut to cancer right? It may be good to do a little research before running out and buying those expensive homeopathic remedies. The Australian government’s National Health and Medical Science Research Council have compiled massive amounts of data that show that these remedies are not only dangerous but are costing people millions of dollars as well.

The basis of a homeopathic remedy is to take a compound that causes a sickness and dilute it over and over again. Those who believe on these remedies feel that the things that cause sickness are the ones that heal it as well. Through numerous studies this has been proven time and time again to not be the case at all. The research council went through 176 different studies on homeopathic remedies that included people taking the remedy and people on a placebo. All of the studies concluded that there were no illnesses that a homeopathic remedy had any effect on. The studies that claimed to find evidence that homeopathy was legitimate were flawed as they had too few participants or they tested them on animals.

For those who say that they have been helped by homeopathy author Ben Goldacre says that it is only because they felt like they were finally getting the medical attention that they needed. It was a placebo effect that made them feel like they were getting better when in fact it was not the homeopathic remedy at all. They so strongly believe that they have finally found something that will help them when regular medicine fails them. All too often people have doctors who do not listen to their concerns or brush them off with a prescription without even doing a proper exam. This leads to a lot of mistrust and can lead people to look for other ways to help them with their ailments. The problem is that these ventures into alternative medicine can be very costly and will not help much other than giving you the placebo effect.



  1. Nonsense! Homeopathy is one of the modalities utilized by licensed M.D.’s D.O.’s, and N.D.’s who have formal training in such treatments. For this author to say that “it’s all in your head” lets us know as much about her as she knows about complementary and alternative medicine. Nothing!

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  4. I agree with J. D. Hill. The author is out of touch completely! The pharmaceutical companies are poisoning millions of people daily while making billions of dollars. People are on high blood pressure meds and yet no one is being cured of high blood with the meds and eating changes and exercise. So what do we do? We go back and find what God intended for us to do in the first place. Draw from the earth our healing.

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