Queen Latifah And Jill Scott To Star In Lifetime Film About Flint Water Crisis


By Victor Trammell

This past Thursday (April 13th), the Lifetime television network announced that two very well-known entertainers will be joining the cast of an upcoming film about the Flint, Michigan water crisis.

According to Vibe Magazine, Queen Latifah (pictured left) and Jill Scott (pictured right) are joining the team of actors and actresses who will be starring in Flint, a Lifetime original movie based on the life of a woman from the troubled city who is dealing with the public health dangers and family issues brought on by the water crisis.

Latifah and her Flava Unit production partner Shakim Compere will be the executive producers of the film. Lifetime’s Flint movie will be distributed through Sony Pictures Television. The film was originally inspired by a cover story in Time Magazine titled The Poisoning of an American City.

Veteran pop singer Cher was also slated to star in Flint at one point. However, personal family issues led her to cancel her commitment to starring in the film. Vibe Magazine also reported that producers were scheduled to start working on Flint later this upcoming week.

Betsy Brandt, and Marin Ireland are also set to appear in the upcoming film. Since it started in April of 2014, the Flint Water Crisis has exposed a true American tragedy. Over 100,000 residents were exposed to high levels of lead and other hazardous toxins in their public drinking and bathing water supply.

Three years later, a mountain of problems still exists for many of Flint’s residents who still do not have access to safe and clean drinking water. The national television news media has practically abandoned covering the situation in Flint, which many activists believe is due to the fact that the city is around 60 percent black.

However, it is great to know that Lifetime is working through film with some notable black entertainers to ensure that the story of Flint will not be forgotten.

Source: http://www.vibe.com/2017/04/queen-latifah-jill-scott-to-star-in-flint/



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