Quiverfull Movement: Why Some Women Are Avoiding Birth Control and Having “as many children as possible”


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Previous presidential candidate Mitt Romney was giving a speech to the graduates of Southern Virginia University. In this speech he took inspiration from Psalm 127 and said, “Get married. Have a quiver full of kids if you can”. This Psalm was the inspiration for the “Quiverfull” movement that is spreading across the world, including the U.S.

This movement is made up of evangelical Christians who shun any form of birth control. They feel that if God wants to give them a baby, they accept the baby. They feel that this is being obedient to God and carrying on the future of the faith. Here in the US these Quiverfull families have upwards of 12 children. The movement itself is amounting up to tens of thousands of children.

In the U.K. the average number of children per family is 1.7 so when couples have more children than that, they stick out a bit. A couple, Vicki and Phil, in Britain is on their sixth child at this point. Vicki says that she feels that this is what God wants and it is meant to be. She says that maybe it is society that has a skewed view about how many children a family should have. She stated that God must have a plan for them if he keeps giving them babies.

Vicki and Phil’s inspiration for joining this movement came from a magazine that was put out by Nancy Campbell. She began going to seminars that would preach to women about the movement and explain why this is a blessing that God is giving them. The movement also advocates women going back to the home and living in their role as a stay-at-home mother who takes care of the family instead of having a job that requires her to work away from the home.



  1. As long as you are able to financially take care of those children the way you are supposed to, have as many as you want! But if you have to depend on everyone else and their taxes to take care of you and your children, I suggest you don’t have not one! Because the people are sick and tired of you begging, trying to get burial money to bury them should there be an accident, trying to get money to pay your utilities, rent, going to the salvation army to get your turkey basket for Thanksgiving, going back at Christmas for another turkey basket and toys! Don’t have what you cannot afford to take care of, because God helps those that help themselves! Just so you understand who I am not talking about, those that have worked and lost your jobs, I am talking about those that have never worked, just dropped their undies to any and every man they could and ended up with a house full of children they can’t feed!

  2. These poor women are so wrapped up in child care and child birth they lose sight of who they are. They depend on that for self-worth and value. The younger kids often get neglected and have to eb reared by the older daughters. I say this because the daughters are given that job in Quiverfull. Whether or not you cn afford them is beside the point when it comes to logistics. Andrea Yates belonged to this movement. It was obvious she didn’t need anymore kids due to mental health problems. But her husband insisted they have more and ended up drowning her five kids including a 6 month old baby girl in 2001.
    “Those that have never worked, just dropped their undies to any man” Uh why is this only a female problem? it is convenient to blame out of wedlock births on females. It takes two to make babies.

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