Raven Symoné’s Ex Co-Star Says She Aborted His Baby


By: Krystle Crossman

Raven Symoné and Orlando Brown starred together on That’s So Raven. If they had a relationship outside of the show it was not made public. Questions about their relationship have come up however after Brown released a freestyle rap where he claims that the child actress aborted his baby. The line from the rap states, “like Raven aborted my baby”. Whether this allegation is true or not is unclear. Brown has had a troubled past and was recently arrested so his credibility is not perfect.

Last week Brown was in the news for being arrested for domestic battery as well as drug possession. He allegedly parked at a police station and then proceeded to hit his girlfriend while they were arguing in the car. To make matters worse he had methamphetamines in his pocket. Someone saw him being aggressive with his girlfriend and called the cops. They came out an arrested him. He has been charged with obstruction of justice, misdemeanor domestic battery, having contraband in jail, and drug possession with the intent to sell. After getting bailed out of jail Brown posted a video online stating that Symoné abandoned him. He said that she didn’t bail him out and won’t answer her phone. He also stated that she accused him of stealing her cell phone which he denies. Symoné has yet to comment on any of these allegations.

Symoné began her career in 1989 when she starred in The Cosby Show. In 2003, Symoné starred in her own television show called That’s So Raven. She went on to continue acting and also became a recording artist. Her third album, This is My Time, went to number 51 on the Billboard charts in 2004. Currently she is working on her fifth studio album. She is also a controversial part of the show The View. Since January 18th however, Symoné has not appeared on the popular daytime show. There have been rumors that she was fired but nothing has been made official at this time. Co-host Whoopi Goldberg stated that she was ill, but Symoné’s Instagram photos show a different story. She posted a photo of her dressing trailer for the show Blackish, which she is appearing on. Fans of The View had been signing petitions to have Symoné removed from The View after multiple controversies that arose. There is no word on what her future with the show is at this time.

Source: http://www.centrictv.com/entertainment/celebrity-news/articles/2016/02/29/orlando-brown-claims-raven-symone-aborted-his-baby.html

Drugs Are Bad M’Kay: Orlando Brown Says Raven-Symoné Abandoned Him After Arrest Then Denies Stealing Her Phone



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