Real Housewives of Atlanta Husbands Share What Having Powerful Wives Feels Like


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

When you read stories about people in the cast of Real Housewives of Atlanta it is usually a story about the turmoil that one of the wives is going through on the show and in her life. But what about the men? What is their side of the story? It is not too often that we get to hear their point of view about everything that goes on either on or off camera.

Essence did an interview with some of the husbands from RHOA and here is what they had to say:

Gregg Leakes is married to NeNe Leakes and not for the first time. This is their second go at the marriage. He said that her success is deserved as she has worked really hard for what she currently has. Leakes also added that he wants her to be successful because when she is, so is he. He wants to be able to congratulate her for everything that she has accomplished thus far. Leakes also says that when it comes to negative feedback from viewers on social media he knows that one way or another everything will be fine as long as he has her there.

Peter Thomas is married to Cynthia Bailey. Thomas says that he enjoys his wife’s success and is turned on by it. He also says that marriage is hard work when it is on television for the whole world to see. Sometimes there are rough patches and those rough times get spread to the entire country. When dealing with negative feedback from fans on social media such as people asking why she is with him he says that it is just best to roll these issues off of his back and be a strong man because at the end of the day that is all that she wants.

Finally there is Apollo Nida who is married to Phaedra Parks. He says that her success is something that he loves to help her with. He always wants the best for her and sees that coming true. He supports her no matter what she is going after. As for being married in the public eye Nida says that yes, they fight like any normal couple would but that is usually not seen on television.



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