Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Cynthia Bailey Discusses Her “baby bump”


Cynthia_Bailey_pregnantBy Staff Blogger

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey is undergoing a surgery for a condition that makes her look like she is pregnant. Stories began to fly about her earlier this month but she quickly took to Twitter to explain that she was not pregnant. She does not state what the medical condition is, but hints that it will be revealed on next season of RHOA.

Bailey says that she is going to go through the surgery and condition on the show so that she can share it with viewers because she feels there is a lot of education with what she is going through. She didn’t know much about the condition until she was diagnosed and as she learned she found that a lot of women suffered from the same condition.

There are three to four million viewers that watch Real Housewives of Atlanta and do so for the drama of it all. Bailey feels that it will be good for them to get a little education about a real issue as well, but there will be some drama involved at the same time. She is being very secretive about it all which is odd for someone that says they want to spread awareness and educate. She says this health scare has been an eye opener for her and hopes that when people watch the show it will help people to learn that they need to be more diligent about their health and seeing a doctor if they think that something is wrong.

Bailey has not yet undergone the surgery but it is coming up soon. Her fans are obviously wishing her the best but are probably curious to see exactly what it is that she is going through.



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