Real Housewives Star Phaedra Was Nervous About Premature Birth Of Second Baby


phaedra-parks-3_240x340_17By: Krystle Crossman

We all know Phaedra Parks as one of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. A few months ago she gave birth to her second child. There were no big tabloid stories and not much was mentioned about the birth, which is rare for a celebrity. Now, months after the birth Parks is speaking up and telling people about her son’s birth which was actually premature. The tabloids may have been quiet but the birth certainly had some drama to it.

Dylan Nilda came into the world three weeks before he was due. Parks said this threw her for quite a loop as she wasn’t expecting him for almost another month. She said that she went into labor 150 miles from home in Augusta, Georgia. She was there for a business trip and didn’t think about making hospital arrangements as there were still a few weeks to go before the due date. She hadn’t packed any clothes and hadn’t made arrangements for her other son, Ayden.

Parks was rushed to the hospital in Augusta where she learned that she was going to have to have an emergency C-section. She said it was extremely frightening since the baby was coming so early, but fortunately he came out at a healthy seven pounds and nine ounces. Both mom and baby were doing great. She says that they are cherishing every moment that they can with both of their children as they grow up quickly and once they aren’t babies anymore, that is it. You can’t go back in time and make them small again!

You can read all about the birth and other things that are happening in the attorney-turned-reality-star in the August 5th edition of US Weekly Magazine.


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