Real or Artificial Sugar; Which Is More Likely To Kill You?


sugarBy: Krystle Crossman

Many people drink diet soda because they think that it is better for them than a bottle of regular soda which is loaded with sugar. But is the artificial sweetener in diet sodas really that much better for you? A recent study suggests that no, it is just as bad.

There are five different types of artificial sweeteners that are FDA approved and are found in the drinks that we drink.

1. Splenda = sucralose
2. Sunett & Sweet One = acesulfame potassium
3. Equal & Nutrasweet = aspartame
4. Neotame
5. Sweet N’ Low = saccharin

Aspartame is the sweetener that is found most often in diet sodas. Many people think that they are safer than sugars that are found in sodas, but in all reality sugar, sweeteners, and Stevia (natural sweetener) are all processed before they are put on the shelves for customers. Your body has a way to taste sweet things, and it takes a lot more sugar for the body to process the taste than it does with an artificial sweetener.

While they are not great for you there is no clear evidence that these artificial sweeteners actually cause cancer but a lot of research has made connections to cancer and the artificial sweeteners. This is according to the National Cancer Institute. The indication that it did cause cancer came from a study on rats a while ago and extremely high doses of the artificial sweetener were used. Saccharin was removed from the carcinogen list in 2000 after research was done.

Scientists say that no more than 50mg of aspartame per kilogram should be ingested per day. That would equal out to 22 cans of soda per day for a 175 pound man, or 20 cans for a 120 pound woman. In all honesty, who drinks that much in the first place? The bottom line is that with any type of sugar, moderation is key.


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