Reality Starlet Vanessa Simmons and Her Boyfriend Are Expecting a Baby


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According to an Instagram photo posted by daughter Vanessa Simmons, it is going to be a great new year for Run DMC rapper Joseph Simmons (Rev.Run). Vanessa announced in a very public way that she is five months pregnant with a baby girl! Her boyfriend, Mike Wayans, is the son of actor Damon Wayans. Simmons posted a sonogram photo on Instagram with the caption “a little princess is on the way”.

Simmons (Rev. Run) says that both families are extremely excited and the baby is lucky to be coming into two very large and very supportive families who could not be happier. Angela Simmons, Vanessa’s younger sister, shared the photo on her Instagram and captioned it with “I’m going to be an aunty”, clearly showing her excitement.

Vanessa Simmons is the oldest of Joseph Simmons’ 7 children. She is an aspiring actress. She appeared briefly on Guiding Light and has also had a role in the movie Speed Dating. She entered the Miss California pageant in 2008 but didn’t tell family members that she was entering. She has also held roles in Boogie Town and Dysfunctional Friends.

Mike Wayans is an actor and son of famed actor and comedian Damon Wayans. He has appeared in the movie Blankman and also Dance Flick. He has one brother and two sisters. His first television appearance was on HBO’s One Night Stand with his father. He also had a role for two years on his father’s show My Wife and Kids as John.

Vanessa and Mike have reportedly been dating off and on for the last eight years. They are extremely excited to be bringing this new bundle of joy into the world!



  1. So they’ve been dating on and off for 8 years, so why are you having a child if you can’t get your relationship together?

    Another black child born into a single family situation. Dear Lord when will these people wake up?

  2. FiscallyAware on

    If your so excited about having this baby together then why not legitimize this situation for the child’s sake! For G-D’s protection and blessing! Lawd! I just don’t understand why we have to keep this cycle of dysfunction up as black people?! I agree with the first post, what kind of example are we setting for the younger people because they sure are watching! Please don’t respond by saying that at least they have money yada yada! Money doesn’t matter in the eyes of G-d when your morally bankrupt! You would think that she would know better because her father is a reverend and her parents having been married for a long time. Also, if you insist on engaging this type if unlawful activity, why not protect yourself, especially in this climate of disease.

  3. scorpio queen on

    Agreed-they should be married. I’m certainly not understanding what the problem is if they have been dating for so long. They come from two great families and I think it’s a swell union-so why not make it legit?? Her dad being a pastor and all..not a good look, IMO. Well, I’m sure the baby will be loved thoroughly. Best wishes.

  4. All you self righteous ass people need to get out of your feelings, and off your high horses as if your life is so damn perfect. It’s not like your tax money has to contribute to this child’s well being, and you don’t have to provide a come to this child to take care of it, so shut the hell up, bitter ass old bats

  5. To Nikki: Too Bad,you don’t understand what morals are all about. If they have been dating off and on for over 8 years and then she allows herself to get pregnant, this shows(maybe you have a baby out of wedlock)moral irresponsibility.

  6. Why would two dysfunctional families be so proud of having offspring illegitimately, when both families seem as if they are on spiritual paths. I am just awestruck, not to mention the societies ridicule because some people see it as unacceptable, as if it is the new normal.

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