Reality vs Movies: How To Know If You’re Fooling Yourself In Your Relationship


JAMIE-AND-KERRY1By: Krystle Crossman

When you watch a Hollywood movie, you see couples who fall deeply in love, and the story almost always works out. The girl gets the guy that she wants or the guy gets the girl he wants. They meet by a chance encounter and fall hopelessly in love in that moment. Does this ever really happen in real life? Not so much. Here are seven things that Hollywood has incorrectly taught us about love.

1. One night stands do not always make the best dads, like in the movie Knocked Up. In reality, a guy from one night stand is someone that you will probably never see again or even remember his name.

2. Love at first sight? Not likely. Scenes from The Notebook don’t usually happen in real life. You aren’t going to instantly look in his eyes and suddenly never want to be apart.

3. Your best friend is usually Mr. Right? Not so much. Usually if you have a best friend who is the opposite s*x, it does not turn into a love story. They are actually probably someone that you would consider family, not a lover, or they are most likely taken.

4. Movies such as Bridget Jones’ Diary often depict the guy that you can’t stand as the one that you will end up being head over heels with. In reality, the guy that you hate is someone that you hate for a reason and that reason is not going to magically disappear.

5. Pretty Woman may give you a false sense of romanticism with Richard Gere’s big romantic gestures to win Julia Roberts back. In all reality you will either get a card or flowers at most. Most guys will not go above and beyond to get you back.

6. Remember that guy that everyone made fun of in high school because he was a little tubby or nerdy? Suddenly he is now one of the hottest men that you have ever seen and the two of you fall deeply in love like in a lot of movies. Not likely. In reality he has now turned into that creepy guy who won’t stop sending you messages and asking you out.

7. Django shows us that your man will go to the ends of the Earth for you because he is so in love. Good luck with that one. First try getting your man to go to the drug store to buy some feminine products and see how well that works out for you, then maybe you can think about the rest.