Really? Phaedra Parks Agrees to Pay Jailed Apollo’s $2M Restitution Fine


By Victor Trammell

The marriage between The Real Housewives of Atlanta stars Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida officially ended when both parties received mutual divorce papers earlier this month.

Nida finally filed for divorce in a Georgia court recently after receiving divorce papers from Parks months before. Things certainly started to go downhill between the two when Nida was arrested in January  2014 for his part in a massive financial fraud scheme.

Federal prosecutors who pursued this case claimed that millions of dollars were stolen by Nida from four individuals over a four-year period of time. Facing many years in prison for his crimes, Nida decided to plea guilty in May 2014 to avoid a trial and receive a shorter sentence.

In July 2014, Nida was sentenced to eight years in federal prison by a judge. He was also ordered to serve five years of supervised parole after he completes the eight-year sentence behind bars. This was not Nida’s first time running afoul with the law.

Prior to marrying Parks in 2009, Nida served five years in federal prison for another fraud scheme involving the falsification of auto titles. The estranged and bizarre union between Parks and Nida took another outrageous turn recently as the couple made headlines again.

According to The Grio, Parks has agreed to pay the restitution fees Nida was ordered to pay in his 2014 case even though she is officially divorcing Parks. The black-owned daily news website published the following about this late-breaking development in an online article on Monday (December 26th):

“Phaedra Parks is going to pay $100,000 to her estranged husband in order to help him pay off his $2 million restitution fine, according to court documents obtained by The Jasmine Brand. The good news for her is that she can afford it; the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star makes over $75,000 a month.” (The Grio)

Parks is not legally obligated to pay her estranged husbands restitution fees. It is unclear why she is still deciding to do so.










  1. And this is why I dont mess with “Black site like this one…

    “The black-owned daily news website published the following …”

    This statement is factually wrong. “The Grio” is not black owned… Do your research and if you intend to put um information at least make sure what your saying is true….wait a minute…I looked up what you claimed in your comment…disregard…I didn’t know dude bought back The Grio from MSNBC.

    • Victor Trammell on

      The Grio is owned by Entertainment Studios, which was founded by Byron Allen. Mr. Allen is a black producer and comedian who has been in the entertainment business for quite some time. You’re probably unware that Entertainment Media bought The Grio back from MSNBC in June of 2016. If you do not believe this, please go now to The Grio’s Wikipedia page, which gives you the most current information about the website’s business status.

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