Reasons Why You Should Give [email protected] Weightlifting a Try


By: Krystle Crossman

We have all heard of weightlifting, but have you ever heard of [email protected] weightlifting? Yes, that is literally lifting objects with your lady parts. S*x and relationship coach Kim Anami of California says that she has an Instagram account full of photos of her lifting local objects with her [email protected] These objects range from a bunch of bananas to a surfboard. Now you may be wondering exactly how this happens. There is something called a jade egg. This is an egg that is made out of jade rock. There is a set of holes drilled on the pointy end where you loop string through so that it forms a loop that hangs down. The egg is then inserted into your body and your muscles keep it in place. These are most often used as a form of Kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic muscles. Once the egg is in Anami attaches whatever object she feels like “lifting” to the string. While she is not technically lifting anything, she is using her muscles to hold the egg in with the excess weight pulling on it.

There are may benefits to this type of exercise:

1. The tighter your muscles are down there the more sensitive it is. This makes for a much stronger libido because getting intimate is definitely better with more sensitivity.

2. You will climax more and you will have some of the best [email protected] of your life. They end up being more intense and much longer than normal.

3. This is a natural “lift” for your pelvic muscles. Some women as they age opt to have plastic surgery and get a [email protected] lift or rejuvenation. With these exercises keeping the muscles nice and tight there is no need for that.

4. Increasing muscle strength also increases your circulation to the area.

5. Natural lubrication is much easier.

6. Childbirth becomes much easier and the recovery time is a lot shorter after as your muscles are in shape!

7. You will be more in touch with your lady parts which Anami says is very important but not enough women are.

8. You will be able to shoot ping pong balls out of it. That would be a neat party trick wouldn’t it?


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